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Our mission is to dedicate our lives in helping the Homeless Population, to move them from a life of isolation to inclusion, and facilitate access to all of life essentials and help them back to self-sustain ability to break the cycle of homelessness in their families and decrease the lack of Education. We want to see a lot more young women and men graduating college and own big companies, providing a good future for their Grand kids. We are determined to do all that it takes to fulfill our Mission.


Our vision is that by us proving as much help as possible and using direct approach, it will lessen the number of homes families and individuals in the world, and in doing that our Mission will be fulfilled. We will start seeing more individuals graduating college and more kids will have their fathers by their sides, and in doing so it will encourage others to help as well.


Our goals is to Facilitate access to Clothing, Food, Educational Classes, Shelter, and Employment for the homeless and low to moderate income families and individuals in the world, . We also will have a motivational class to keep them motivated while in transitioning with our program. It is essential that we do the best at proving this help as humanly as possible.

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A Special Thanks goes to all our supporters and sponsors! You all made this possible, and we greatly appreciate your help. You gave us the hope to continue our work. May God continue to bless and keep you all.

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